Water Parks Transportation

It’s that time of year, from the heights of summer to the blustery gales of autumn, everyone no matters your age loves a good day out at a water park. It allows you to cool off, relax and enjoy the best the weather has to throw at you with friends and family. Throughout the Louisville, KY area, there are three key water parks that you can visit through 2 Vets And A Limo, and these are, Kentucky Kingdom, Wave Tek Water Park Atlantis and Aquariums. No matter what your plans are for the day, we can transport you there in style and great comfort.


One of the best things about arranging 2 Vets And A Limo for your transport will be the reduced cost and hassle of it all. Organizing a family day out can be a somewhat gargantuan task, and this includes the allocation of transport. No-one wants water marks upon their premium upholstery! If you utilize our transportation services, you can remove this potential headache immediately. It also cuts down on your need for multiple vehicles to get to the attraction you wish to visit. If you are organizing your child’s birthday party and need to transport several of their friends in one go, then we are the people to call!

We will deliver you to the main entrance point at the exact time that you require, and will also be there for when you leave and need us to transport you back home again. This also saves you the hassle of finding your car and paying the parking charges for the day, which anyone will tell you can be substantial. We are out to provide you with affordable rates at the best value possible, utilizing short cuts and faster routes wherever possible to ensure that you get to your destination in style and comfort.

This also means that you can sit back and enjoy the view on the way out to the attraction you are visiting, allowing you to start your day off in a chilled, laid back way before the havoc of the water park ensues. The same applies for the way back, allowing you to relax and reflect upon a fun day had for all.

If you require transportation to any of Louisville’s key water park attractions and wish to travel there in a convenient and friendly atmosphere, then do not hesitate to contact us