Transportation Limo Services for Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the nation’s most renown festivals celebrating the culture of Louisville and the wider Kentucky area. Bringing together infamous events, including “Thunder Over Louisville” and “Pegasus Parade,” noted as being one of the largest parades throughout the nation, this is a two-week long event that is everything you love about Louisville and Kentucky as a whole. 2 Vets And A Limo are here to ensure that you are transported around the attractions in the utmost comfort while allowing you to take in the sights, smells and general atmosphere of this exciting and dynamic festival of everything Kentucky.

We recognize that organizing the whole family under one banner at a festival in grand a scope as this can be particularly challenging. We are here to reduce your transportation headaches, allowing you to travel safely and hassle free to the key events that occur throughout each every day. Furthermore, if you have your best dress on to attend one of the many fashion parades and high-class events throughout the city, 2 Vets And A Limo will ensure you look the part when you arrive with our sleek and stylish limo design. Each and every one of our drivers will don their best attire, to make you and your family feel like royalty for the day.

We will also help to deliver you to the key points of interest throughout this festival. Say for example if one of your relatives or friends is partaking in the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, we will assist in transporting you around the circuit to the key points to ensure that you keep well on top of their progress and achievements.

Transportation home at the end of each and every day is also of huge importance. Many events throughout the Kentucky Derby fortnight carry on late into the night. When you are tired, and your other relatives are struggling to keep their eyes open, 2 Vets And A Limo will be there to ensure that you all get home safely and with minimal fuss. You arrange a pickup location and time that is convenient for you and your family, and then the process of transporting you home in a safe and welcoming environment begins! Streets, when the festival begins to empty out, are incredibly busy with the hustle and bustle of people starting the process of going home, and by choosing 2 Vets And A Limo, this means you do not have to worry about finding your car through the waves of people in the same situation as you.